Identifying Opportunities for Innovation

Learn how to identify opportunities for innovation by identifying problems, rapidly generating potential solutions, and employing strategies to increase their value and viability.

Learning Objectives

  1. Concisely formulate a problem or an unmet need to be solved, including its depth and extent, now and in the future.
  2. Rapidly generate multiple potential solutions to a given problem.
  3. Identify/quantify key assumptions behind your proposed solutions’ potential viability Triage, pivot and modify proposed solutions to improve viability.
  4. Apply the basic concepts and terminology used in the ideation process to the initial assessment of new ideas generated by both yourself and others.
  5. Identify potential connections and synergies between ideas generated during the ideation process.
  6. Evaluate the feasibility of your and others’ solutions.
Emre Toker, MSEE

Emre Toker, MSEE

E4B PI & Co-Director, Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

E4B Courses Taught

  • Identifying Opportunities for Innovation
  • Validating Your Innovation
  • Selling Your Innovation
  • Funding Your Innovation