Selling Your Innovation

Learn how to further refine your vision of the future and recruit others to to believe in and champion your cause.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the components of a successful narrative and be able to use them to describe an innovation in an engaging and persuasive manner to diverse audiences.
  2. Identify informational needs of their audience and tailor narrative content and delivery to best meet these needs.
  3. Strategically plan narrative delivery making the best use of time available for the presentation and for the Q&A session and anticipating audience questions.
  4. Use verbal and non-verbal strategies to present themselves as credible, authoritative and persuasive.
Emre Toker, MSEE

Emre Toker, MSEE

E4B PI & Co-Director, Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

E4B Courses Taught

  • Identifying Opportunities for Innovation
  • Validating Your Innovation
  • Selling Your Innovation
  • Funding Your Innovation