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Protected: Building Effective Teams Videos

E4B Nanocourse 4

Identify the skills and capabilities needed on a team, how to recruit them to your cause, and ensure that they will work together to bring your vision to fruition.

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Protected: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in I&E Videos

E4B Nanocourse 5

Learn about the four Ps of diversity, equity and inclusion - Purpose, People, Place, and Practice - and the strategies you can use to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.

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Protected: Ethics in Biomedical I&E Videos

E4B Nanocourse 8

Learn to face the unique challenges biomedical innovators face that are not easily resolved through traditional business or medical ethical frameworks.

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Protected: Fishing for Customers Videos

E4B Nanocourse 7

Expands upon Validating Your Innovation, and provides additional tools and guidance to help you identify, engage with, and secure paying customers.

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Protected: Identifying Opportunities for Innovation Videos

E4B Nanocourse 3

Learn how to identify opportunities for innovation by identifying problems, rapidly generating potential solutions, and employing strategies to increase their value and viability.

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Protected: Introduction to the World of Biomedical I&E Videos

E4B Nanocourse 1

Introduces the world of biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship. Topics covered include the link between ideas and intellectual property, innovating within institutions, unique challenges for life science innovators, iterative de-risking, the “fast fail,” and funding.

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Protected: Selling Your Innovation Videos

E4B Nanocourse 9

Learn how to further refine your vision of the future and recruit others to believe in and champion your cause.

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Protected: Survive and Thrive as an Innovator Videos

E4B Nanocourse 2

Improve your psychological well-being, including self-esteem, gratitude, the mind-body connection, physical activity, emotional intelligence, and resilience.

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Protected: Validating Your Innovation Videos

E4B Nanocourse 6

Build on the ideas generated in the Identifying Opportunities nanocourse to validate (or invalidate) the underlying assumptions associated with your innovation.