Survive and Thrive as an Innovator

Improve your psychological well-being, including self-esteem, gratitude, the mind-body connection, physical activity, emotional intelligence, and resilience.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the nature of psychological health and debunk the myths about happiness that can derail its pursuit.
  2. Reframe narratives around adversity in alignment with psychological research on resilience and adversity, and identify empirically-supported strategies for persevering amid setbacks.
  3. Understand emotional intelligence and how to implement emotion regulation strategies that capitalize on the benefits of positive affect and minimize the effects of distress.
  4. Utilize self-management and self-care strategies to maintain emotional and physical well-being.
Tim Bono, PhD

Tim Bono, PhD

Assistant Dean and Lecturer in Psychological & Brain Sciences

E4B Course Taught:Survive and Thrive as an Innovator